• PEPCO has been a B. Frank Joy customer for 90 of its 100 years in business and congratulates it on a history of excellence in construction services, safety, and customer services

    Donna Cooper President, Pepco Region
  • Congratulations on your 100 year anniversary! Thank you for the outstanding services and commitment to safety B. Frank Joy has provided to Washington Gas over the years as a key service provider.

    Dave Kenahan Asst. Vice President, Construction
  • It is a distinguished honor and pleasure for our 86 year old company to witness the celebration of B. Frank Joy’s 100th year. Like my father and grandfather did, my brothers and I greatly appreciate the loyalty and integrity of the Joy family and all their employees.

    Stephen J. Stecklein Exec. Vice President
  • I am not and never have been a customer of BF Joy. Based on my daily interaction with almost every employee at BF Joy, I wish I could be a customer. Uptown Bakers has been the next door neighbor to the Joy company for 12 years and it has been a very rewarding relationship. We have a professional relationship that spans across all departments of both our companies. Melissa and I meet for lunch every quarter to discuss business issues, life issues and neighbor issues. I feel like BF Joy gives us more value than we can return which I am sure is one of the qualities that makes them such a great company and a great neighbor….thank you for always being there for us!!”

    Mike McCloud Owner, Uptown Bakers
  • Congratulations on the last 100 years and hopes for a stronger next 100. I have had the pleasure of working with the Owners, Management and a large portion of the field personnel at The Joy Companies since 1985 – (32 years). All the folks at Joy have been very professional and exciting to work with through their various Strategic Plan changes. I look forward to our continuing partnership for many more years.

    Joyce D. Kenny President / SCG
  • A true measure of success for any business is the number of years in business. B. Frank Joy, celebrating its 100 years in business, has clearly realized that success. Further, keeping the business in the family and passing the leadership from one generation to the next over 100 years is rarely accomplished. Of course that was achieved with well executed strategies and hard work by many people. The Joy Family, the B. Frank Joy Management and its team of employees should be very proud.

    Timothy Cummins, CPA, CCIFP Partner
  • B Frank Joy was a very valued partner. During our time working together, they brought successful experience, a driven team and a very positive reputation in their market space. I wish the Joy Company all the success in their next 100 years.

    Larry Kiest, Jr. President / LMK Technologies
  • BF Joy has been a customer of All Covered, formerly ARHD, for over 6 years.  We’ve enjoyed having a partnership with BF Joy leadership that has allowed our teams to collectively make smart decisions about Information Technology investments to further strengthen BF Joy’s long standing tenure as a leader in their field.  We’re proud to be part of the BF Joy team and wish them another 100 years of success!

    Josh Lippy ARHD

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